Energy Procurement – Electricity and Gas

The product flagship of GU is the optimization of electricity and gas procurement for the customer

Energy price minimization by the following measures:

1.Quantity recording / planning
2.Competition generation in the supplier portfolio
3.Quantity / time optimized procurement and supply

Risk minimization: Successive comparison of procurement strategies with customer specific procurement requirements in terms of quantity, time and budget, as well as changes of the market environment

Energy Input Analysis: GU offers for its customers an ISO 50001 conform presentation and description of the energy input and its development. The data can be used as a basis for the implementation of an ISO 50001 energy managemen tsystem.

Key arguments for the GU procurement consulting:

  • Experience and success in energy consulting, since 1974
  • Success guarantee: Payment based on realized cost savings. No additional costs arise.
  • Superior consulting know how: Decision making and target price negotiations based on statistic models, fundamental analysis and experience
  • The GU energy supplier portfolio: The since 1974 created network guarantees low prices by breadth of market utilization, efficient communication and trust
  • Transparency and understandability (a.o. by the unique GU-Customer-Scorecard)
  • No conflict of interest
  • Customer oriented and flexible (Your partner for all questions around energy)
  • International orientation: Multilingual consulting, intercultural competence

Schematically displayed the GU operates as an optimization element between the customer and energy supplier

Sustainable energy price minimization by

  1. Quantity recording / planning
  2. Competition generation in the supplier portfolio (a.o. price negotiations)
  3. Quantity / time optimized procurement and supply
  4. Successive comparison of procurement strategies

Successive procurement process (annual process for procurement years -3, -2, -1) for electricity and gas: periodically returning steps in the GU-procurement strategy

The analysis for the determination of the optimum procurement date and target price determination is based on a decision process that has three influential factors

The optimization of the energy procurement process by the GU specialists creates values that can be split into several categories

  • Market logical cost reduction

    •Creation and utilization of competition and breadth of the market for the procurement process
    •Portfolio creation on the demand side for the utilization of economies of scale (Bulk-buying especially for funds and asset managers), +/- Quantity adaptation
    •Successive optimization of the strategies according to the development of: network costs, tax, dues, CO2

  • (Cost) Risk reduction

    Quantity and procurement date optimization by the GU analysis approach (Best practices, proven and developed over more than 38 years)
    Energy package structuring (Separation of base, peak and off-peak optimization)
    Risk optimization / diversification by possible procurement and connection or decoupling from the gas and oil price (according to customers‘ wish) during the year, as well as constant market monitoring
    •Exploitation of the up to 3 year long lead time at simultanious daily reaction capabilities

  • Complexity reduction and efficiency improvement of procurement and management


    -Decision capability
    -Reaction speed
    -Decision quality

    Complexity reduction and relief of daily business (Concentration on core business)
    •Single, central partner for all energy questions: Flexible, fast, customer oriented, with specialized optimization competence
    •Know-How gain