Multi-dimensional integrative services for energy procurement and efficiency. Three combinable service offers for cost reduction

Energy Procurement – Electricity and Gas

Energy price minimization by
  1. Quantity recording / planning
  2. Competition generation in the supplier portfolio
  3. Quantity / time optimized procurement and supply
Risk minimization: Successive comparison of procurement strategies with customer specific procurement requirements in terms of quantity, time and budget, as well as changes of the market environment. Consulting without additional monetary expenditures for the customer: Compensation based on the saved energy


For regulatory requirements designed successive consulting and implementation : Monitoring, comparison and optimization of
  1. Energy efficiency / production / management (system)
  2. Network usage / Tax / Dues / CO2
  3. Administration (Invoice reception)

Energy Auditing: Managementsystems

According to the respective requirements, the GU implements energy managementsystems (e.g. ISO 50001 or DIN 16247) and conducts internal audits. The whole process until the certification is supervised and controlled.

  • General consulting process

    The service approach of GU is separated into four processes: Preliminary research, service choice, data collection and preparation, implementation

  • Compensation Scheme

    The compensation for the GU consulting service is based on the realized cost savings. No additional costs are created